Personal Development and Wellness Coaching for Black Women Lawyers

Are you a stressed-out lawyer?

Are you a stressed-out lawyer, feeling miserable and misaligned in your career or even struggling to navigate a toxic work environment? Are you at a loss at how to achieve the wellness you want and deserve? Is the trauma of your clients following you home? Only innovative approaches and tools that you never learned in law school will move the needle in creating needed changes. At JOY Legal LLC we believe that as a Black woman in the legal profession you CAN be a peaceful fulfilled person who's on purpose in your lawyer life!

About Me

Hi! My name is Idara [“Ee-dair-uh”] E. Bassey, Attorney, Lawyer Life Coach & Corporate Energy Strategist. As your Partner in “Creating a Lawyer Life You Love,” JOY Legal LLC leverages cutting edge modalities to pave the way to your optimal professional functioning. By giving you new tools to move past the stressors in your experience you can bring your A-game to the table. When you unearth root causes of stressors you are that much closer to operating at 100% and this clears the way to achieving your aligned vision for your lawyer life as you define it. What goals do you wish to reach? Let’s work together to release the blocks to making this happen so you can assume your rightful place at your workplace ready, willing and able to operate at the highest levels. Everyone benefits- your clients, friends and family-when you’re at your best!


I have been using Dr. Idara for several months for mindful energy healing.  The reason I contacted her was that I was struggling financially and wanted to discover if I had any blocks preventing me from excelling.  In the first session we identified numerous barriers and immediately began resolving them.  Each session I achieve positive movement toward abundance alignment.  My cash flow has increased significantly, and I am making better financially disciplined decisions in line with my goals and needs.  I highly recommend Dr. [Idara] if you are feeling overwhelmed or stuck in any area of your personal or professional life. I have used other advisors in the past but none with such immediately obtainable results. I have referred several colleagues to her and all reports have been favorable.  Dr. Idara’s the best!   
Victoria L. Collier, Esq.
"I have been a practicing attorney and coach to the legal profession for the last 20 years. During that time I've seen certain coaching clients struggle with seemingly intractable issues that prevent them from making changes in their life or in their practice that they desperately want to make. Without ever exactly know why, sometimes these attorneys sabotage themselves or their practice in little ways that force them to just get by when they know they could be so much more. In those cases, where a client attorney is really stuck, I call in my secret weapon, Dr. Idara Bassey. Dr. Idara helps remove those hidden self-sabotaging blockages in a gentle manner through a few phone sessions with her. Have you ever felt stuck...done everything you know to try to overcome old familiar limiting patterns that don't seem to serve you well...patterns and behaviors that you just can't seem to shake. If you need help breaking free of those blockages that are holding you back, l recommend you contact Dr. Idara to discover how she may be able to help you reach your full potential."
William G. Hammond, Attorney at Law
[My] Consultation with Idara was absolutely phenomenal! I was struggling with the direction to price my business services and Idara provided spot-on intuitive guidance. She also helped me see how an experience I had earlier in my life impacted my ability to trust myself and honor the value I provide clients with my work. Idara acted with such integrity during our session and made sure to fully address my concerns and questions with my business. I felt really seen and valued by her and I trusted her guidance completely. I absolutely recommend a [ ] Consultation with Idara for lawyers who either want to change how they feel with respect to their law practices or lawyers who are happy on their paths, but desire to take next steps and experience greater joy in their lives.
Alyssa Johnson, Esq. Lawyer, Teacher & Consultant at Alyssa Johnson LLC