How We Can Work Together

At JOY Legal LLC we help Black women lawyers thrive in the workplace without sacrificing their wellness, spirit or authentic self!  Are you:

  • A Black woman in the legal profession
  • A young-to-mid career professional
  • Living in a major metropolitan area heading your own solo practice or working for a medium to large legal employer
  • Owing 30k or less in school loan debt
  • Interested in personal growth & development and/or spiritually-minded
  • Challenged with stress, wellness concerns or lingering sense your legal career is not aligned with your best self
  • Receptive to personal growth tools and/or practices such as intuition, meditation, visualization, energy work (among others) to create desired changes in your lawyer life

If so, this is Where We Start!  Your First Step in Creating a Roadmap for Moving from Stressed, Miserable & Misaligned to Peaceful, Fulfilled and On Purpose in Your Lawyer Life!

Are you dealing with any of the following issues?

  • Racial or gender-based microaggressions
  • Success blocks
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Vicarious trauma from clients
  • Code Switching stress
  • Feeling professionally misaligned
  • Lawyer wellness concerns
  • Work/life balance challenges
  • Financial blocks                     
  • Chronic stress                         
  • Challenging/toxic workplace
  • Residual trauma from law school